Venue : Anand Institute Higher Technology, Chennai

Faculty Coordinators : K.Bharatha babu, Asst. Professor,V.V.Rajasekaran, Asst. Professor.

Anand Institute of Higher Technology organized alumni meet on 24th September 2017 at Anand Institute of Higher Technology for all departments. Alumni engagement is effective and very important to bring out best within students.Keeping this in mind, it was started to bridge the gap between the Industries and our college by an active interaction among the passed out students and current final years to make them Industry ready and hence increase the number of students placed. Around 350 alumni made it up to attend this meet.

1. Ms. Damini

Department: IT, Batch: 2015

  • With her reference “ Inatech ” came for placement

2. Mr. Sharath

Department: ECE,Batch: 2013

  • With his reference “Veryx technologies Ltd” came for placement

3.Mr. Rakesh kumar

Department: EIE, Batch : 2011

  • Robert bosch recruited our students due to his effort.

4.Mr. Kamalnathan

Department: MBA, Batch: 2012

  • Cluster Manager- Kotak Securities Ltd
  • Project cum placement & Guest speaker for DEFI

5. Mr. S. Gowthamraj

Department: MBA, Batch: 2012

  • Branch Manager- Reliance Capital
  • Project cum placement & guest speaker for DEFI

6. Mr. S. Diwakar Raj

Department: MBA, Batch: 2012

  • Area sales Manager- Royal Enfield
  • Sponsored Rs 10,000 to film fest, Industrial visit, placement support to OTTO.

7. Mr. Arun chandru

Department: MBA, Batch: 2009

  • Manager at Indev Logistics Pvt Ltd
  • Project cum placement & Guest speaker for DEFI

1. Mr.D.Kanakaraj

Department: EEE, Batch: 2008

  • Entrepreneur: EPSILON Engineering Fabrication & Manufacture of precision machined components using CNC machines.

2.Mr. R. Yogeshwaran

Department: ECE,Batch: 2017

  • Started a STARTUP named Novitat Engineering solution in May 2017 with in the funding of Rs.10 lakh from Government of India under STARTUP-NIDHI Scheme. Now part of AIHT-TBI
  • Training partner for Hackathon and summer courses.

3. K. Vignesh, P.Ramkumar, M.Shriram , B.Sridhar

Department: ECE,Batch: 2017

  • Started a STARTUP named Inserito systems in May 2017 with the funding of Rs.10Lakh from Government of India under STARTUP-NIDHI Scheme. Now part of AIHT-TBI
  • Providing trainings and internships to AIHT students.

4. Mr. Santhosh balaji , Raveendran

Department: ECE,Batch: 2013

  • Owner and Business development manager SYNCSOLS
  • Company portfolio includes designing, developing and providing engineering solution to the India defence DRDO laboratories and various manufactures of automotive Industries. We are a system integrators company since 2016 association with National instruments (NI) India.

5.Mr. M.Harikrishnan


  • Cofounder of Autobots Technologies

6. Mr. N. Krishnakumar

Department: ECE, Batch: 2011

  • Helped for industry institute interaction with many industry experts
  • Provided placement trainings and talks

7. Mr. Kamal Mohamed & Rajiv

Department : CSE, Batch: 2007
  • Networking lab establishment for ME and conducted orientation program

8. Mr. D. Ganeshan

Department : ECE, Batch: 2014

  • Now running a NGO name Youth Helping (Y2H) to support orphanages. Annual event named SPLASH organized by Y2H is very popular among all orphanage children

  • All the Alumni applauded that it was a good initiative by the management and it was a fun, entertaining and cherish able and memorable event overall.
  • CORE Placements must be the highest priority as compared to other sectors
  • Motivating the students to work in research areas.
  • They expressed their gratitude to all the faculties and owed their success to them. They also sought their blessings and wishes for their future endeavors.
  • They all wished that they confirmed their participation for the upcoming Alumni meets
  • Many showed keen interest in arranging for seminars, Guest Lectures and workshop for improvising the communication and technical skills needed for a fresher.
  • It was suggested that PYTHON Programming Language Basics should be known as it adds value to the resume.
  • They found that faculty and staff are very warm and comfortable which made them feel at home.
  • They enjoyed each and every event that was organized and took keen interest in participating.
  • They were pleased with the way the overall event was coordinated as it was above their
  • Expectations
  • Motivating the students to work in defense areas in order to serve the nation.
  • Encourage the students to participate in seminar,workshop,conference and various activities in order to improve their confidence

Students of all department performed cultural activities such as dance, singing. miming and various cultural activities. Students also performed various fun activities with alumni and with their family.

Alumni Feedback Necessary Action to be taken
Final year students resume to be updated in alumni website Resumes of the final year students have already been uploaded in alumni website
PYTHON programming language basics should be known by 3rd year and final year students Necessary steps have been initiated and it is on process.
Arranging for seminars guest lectures and workshops for improvising the communication and technical skills We have sent a requisition letter to the companies to conduct guest lectures, seminars and workshops to make technical and communication skills sound. This process will be implemented from the next academic year.
In-depth knowledge in a particular domain Final year students have been intimated about this and they are working towards it.
Academic and extracurricular activities have to be balanced Academic and extracurricular activities have to be balanced

Batch No. of Alumni Attended
CSE 87
ECE 67
EEE 52
EI 20
IT 76
Mech 35
MBA 13
Total 350

Alumini can Contribute to AIHT

  • Placement
  • Placement Training Program
  • Industry Institute Co operation
  • Arrange Delivering Gust Lectures
  • Judges for Various Competitions
  • Entrepreneurial Mentoring/Training
  • Setting up Advanced Labs and Equipments
  • Scholarship for Students
  • Scholarship for Events
  • Arrange Delivering Gust Lectures

    Alumini Association Anand Institute of Technology
    Indian Bank - Siruseri Branch
    Account No : 794063602,  IFSC : IDIB000S146