Computer Science and Engineering

Gomathi Sankar Ganapathi (30305104011)

Many things I can remember by now when I think about my college. But some of them, I would like to share here.
When I joined AIHT in 2005, I was having lots of dreams like anyone else who recently join the college. But my entire schooling I had been doing in mother tongue which is Tamil. So initially it was a challenge for me to pick up the subjects in English as well as in communication. Even though I struggled a lot at the beginning, with the help of lecturers & some of the friends’ encouragement, I was quickly able to pick up my studies as well as my communication skills. To be honest, in AIHT, there were many situations/circumstances helped me to shape my career.
In my opinion, AIHT is a very good place to study. Especially I felt that everyone in my department (CSE) was a part of family and lecturers were so friendly & fun making (even now). Many thanks for the college management and lecturers because of whom I am in this position now.
My one line advice for the AIHT students is, “Believe in yourself and trust that you can make it and definitely you will. Be confident in everything that you do”.

MONOJ KUMAR R (30310104047)

Placement camps are organized well in every year. Good place to study, Limited restrictions to students


From my experience this college satisfied all need of parents ,students in all aspects like placements , discipline ,staff and facilities .

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