Computer Science and Engineering

Class Room:

• Department has sufficient class rooms(8-class room) for conducting lectures/tutorials (core/electives) for II,III and IV B.E students.

• All the class rooms are of size 900 sq. ft in which adequate number of benches/chairs are provided in good condition to accommodate students.

• Each and every class room is constructed with good acoustics, excellent air circulation, and natural lighting.

• Class rooms are equipped with lights, fans, chairs/benches, podium with good ambience.

Department Library:

The Department Library has a well equipped library with a great number of books in various disciplines of computer science and engineering like programming, operating system, database management system, software engineering, system software, compiler design, theory of computation, computer graphics and hardware. It also maintains all the final year student project reports in hard copy as well as softcopy.

A/C Seminar Hall:

The Department has a fully equipped air conditioned Seminar Hall with seating capacity to hold 60 students. Guest lectures and seminars are conducted regularly. Seminar room is fixed with LCD projectors for conducting presentation sessions and 1 LCD projector is kept movable. Video lectures using NPTEL, SDP are also conducted in the hall. Faculty can use seminar hall for explaining concepts using PowerPoint presentations. Technical events like national/International Conference are organised. Department meetings are also initiated in seminar halls.

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