Computer Science and Engineering


PEO1 : The graduates will have adequate knowledge in engineering mathematics, basic science and in the fundamentals of computer science and engineering for successful professional.

PEO2 : The graduates will analyze real life problems, design computing systems appropriate to its solutions that are technically sound, economically feasible, socially acceptable and collaborated with research.

PEO3 : The graduates will have self competency with ethical values to address the technical challenges during their career along with effective teamwork and communication.


The PO of this programme will be framed based on inputs from an industrial and an academic expert with reference to the University curriculum and Graduate Attributes (GA). The suggestion from senior faculty members is also taken into consideration for framing the PO.

    A. The students will have the ability to apply knowledge of computing, mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals appropriate to the discipline.
    B. The students will have the ability to analyze a problem, and identify and formulate the computing requirements appropriate to its solution.
    C. The students will have the ability to design a algorithm ,develop a processor specific code to meet the specification of the real world problems.
    D. The students will have the ability to formulate a rule/knowledge based method and to apply heuristic approaches to interpret and analyze the data for the attainment of problem optimization.
    E. The students will have the ability to conceptualize the problem requirements and to identify the appropriate computing platforms in developing a specific solution.
    F. The students will have the ability to apply various software engineering models and to develop a computational/IT solutions to support the needs of public and private welfare.
    G. The students will have the potential to adopt systematic and effective approach in developing an application specific modules based on the guidelines given by the professional society.
    H. The students will have the ability to exhibit effective teamwork during diverse and multidisciplinary areas such as information management, human computer interaction, programming, networking, web systems and pervasive computing.
    I. The students will have the ability to function as a team and to communicate effectively their innovative ideas and software models in various technical forums.
    J. The students will have the ability to device a strategic work plan for the design problems and will document the evidence and future directions for the benefit of the society.
    K. The students will have the motivation in updating the current and futuristic needs of the society and adopt themselves according to the scenario.