Electrical and Electronic Engineering


PEO1 - CORE COMPETENCE: The graduates will have adequate knowledge in basic science, mathematics and engineering necessary to formulate, solve and analyze electrical and electronics problems.

PEO2 - PROFESSIONALISM: The graduates will have the ability to apply engineering & management skills in their own / team projects in multidisciplinary environment, leading to successful careers and research.

PEO3 - LIFELONG LEARNING: The graduates will have ability to engage in lifelong learning and an appreciation for professional ethical behaviour.


a. Ability to acquire broad theoretical knowledge in basic mathematics, science and Engineering.

b. Ability to apply the acquired knowledge in identifying, formulating and solving practical problems in all aspects of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

c. Ability to apply appropriate tools to investigate, analyze, design, simulate and develop systems related to power system networks and power electronics.

d. Ability to solve practical problems in basic electronics and power electronics engineering using different hardware and software platforms.

e. Ability to evaluate, examine and implement advanced control techniques to electrical systems.

f. Ability to design and implement hardware and software schemes involving signal sensing and processing leading to decision making in real time for engineering systems and processes.

g. Ability to assess the feasibility, applicability, optimality and future scope of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power.

h. Ability to communicate and work effectively in a team and understand his/her scope of work and deliverables.

i. Ability to understand basic financial concepts and issues in project management for a multi-disciplinary work.

j. Ability to identify contemporary issues due to changing technical scenario and to update by engaging in continuous learning process.

k. Ability to upgrade to higher education and research activities.

l. Ability to appreciate professional, societal and environmental ethical values.