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MsK.Pavithra, Ms K.Sangeetha, Ms V.Swaathi and Ms. V. Suvitha of final year IT of batch 2012-2016, competed with 27 other Engineering college in Kanchipuram district and won the District #rd prize and a cash award of Rs5000/- for their Project titled,” Computerized monitoring system for Fair Price Shops and Godwons” in “HONOURABLE CHIEF MINISTER’S AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN E-GOVERNANCE 2015-16” organized by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Infosys I-innovate:

Infosys I-innovate is a statewide contest for engineering students. This is Organized by Infosys Ltd., Chennai. It is a platform for students to showcase their innovative ideas to change the future of our country and to prepare themselves to become smart professional I-innovate encourages the spirit of competitiveness and accelerate learning through extra-curricular activities, within the student community. Not one, but two teams from our department entered the top 10 slot in the entire state. The management, principal, staff and students of the department congratulate the following teams for bringing Laurels to the college and the department.

    1. Project Title: Achieving Interoperability in Diverse IoT Machines through Code Virtualization Student Name: Ms. Brindha. R, Ms. Anitha. A.
    2. Project Title: SOS Cutt For Women’s Safety Student Name: Ms. Pavithra. K, Ms. Sangeetha.K, Ms. Suvitha, Ms. Swaathi. V.

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