Mechanical Engineering



    • Our department has sufficient class rooms - 6-class rooms - in the dimension of 900 sq.ft for conducting classes (core/electives) for II,III and IV.B.E students
    • All the class rooms are furnished with adequate number of benches / chairs to accommodate students.
    • Each and every class room has been constructed in such a way as to allow good acoustics, excellent air circulation, natural lighting.
    • Class rooms are equipped with lights, fans, chairs/benches, and podium which make the right ambience for teaching and learning.

The Department Library has a well equipped library with a number of books in various disciplines of Mechanical Engineering like Fluid Mechanics , Thermodynamics , Computational fluid dynamics , operation research and Total Quality Management etc,. It also maintains all the final year student projects’ report both in hard copy and softcopy.


The Department has a fully equipped air conditioned Seminar Hall with the seating capacity for 120 students. It is well-equipped with audio, video and Projection systems. Guest lectures and seminars are conducted regularly. Department meetings are also conducted in seminar halls.

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