Mechanical Engineering

Message from HOD’s desk :

NEED IS THE MOTHER OF ALL INVENTION – Department of Mechanical Engineering welcomes you. As we all know, Mechanical Engineering happens to be the spine of any industry with remarkable flexibility. The Department intends to provide practical industry based technical and professional education to the students.Mechanical engineering is a course that starts from design to manufacture of everything from a simple small part like pin to complex large parts like machine tools, spacecraft etc. Highly qualified, experienced and research oriented faculties of Mechanical Engineering Department impart knowledge to the students in the areas which include basics of Workshop Technology, Design and Manufacturing processes, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Machines, Thermal Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Production Technology, Control Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, CAD/CAM and Robotics. A wide selection of projects, seminars and training facilities besides technical visits to industrial enterprises and expert lectures from industry specialists generate enormous potential and confidence in the students enabling them to independently handle the life-size problems in their engineering careers.

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