The Department of English has been functioning well in Anand Institute of Higher Technology ever since its inception in 2000. In 2005, a computer based language lab was set up so as to help the department of English achieve easily both its vision and mission. The motto of the department is to nurture the talents and skills of the students and ensure that they have the knowledge and potential necessary for facing the tough and challenging job market. The English Department is not promoting any one approach or ideology, but it is pluralistic and takes pride in the variety of emphases and perspectives of teaching.


    Department of English aspires to be a center for academic excellence, adopting innovative and creative methods of teaching English in order to develop the communicative competence and abilities of students so that they learn to express themselves in an effective language with a fine flair for both technical and professional writing.


  • To train students in Communication skills in English.

  • To develop their interpersonal skills and employability skills so that they can face the job market with confidence and courage.

  • To introduce the students to the tools of English language and help them speak and write English powerfully.

  • To help them develop their personality with their proficiency in English.

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