About the Department:


The Mathematics Department of Anand Institute of Higher technology was established in the year 2000 by Kalvi Vallal Thiru. T Kalasalingam. It serves to provide a strong foundation in Mathematics and its applications in engineering both at undergraduate and post graduate level. Excellence in research and teaching has been the hall mark of the Department of Mathematics ever since its inception. All the faculties in the department are highly qualified as per Anna University norms.


    • To impart quality education to students by teaching them the basic mathematical methods that aid in solving complex problems that arise in Engineering, Science and Technology.


    • To develop logical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills in students to enhance their employability by equipping them with technical and scientific computing techniques based on mathematical models.

Scope of Employment:

    • With a good background in Mathematics the students would be directly employable in different sectors that include industries, IT firms, Communication sectors etc.

Course Objectives of the Department of Mathematics:

    1. To provide the students with the concept and the understanding of basics in the logic of a program.
    2. The courses will emphasise on mathematical reasoning, combinatorial analysis, algorithmic thinking, and applications and modeling.
    3. To prepare the future engineers and computational scientists well in understanding the fundamentals of numerical methods, especially their application, limitations, and potentials.
    4. To describe how to design experiments, carry them out, and analyze the data they yield.
    5. Knowledge of fundamentals and applications of random phenomena will greatly help in the understanding of topics such as random signal, linear systems etc in communication engineering.

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