Separate hostels for boys and girls are available inside the college campus. Both boys and girls have two hostels for UG and PG, which can accommodate about 450 students each with good infrastructure. A college van is available all the time to attend the emergency needs of the hostellers. A well equipped Gym is established for both the hostel students to develop the physical fitness of the boys and girls. They have facilities for indoor games also. Each hostel is under the care of one Dy.Warden, assist by 2 assistant Wardens.

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Scholarships are awarded to the poor meritorious and deserving students in coordination with BC/MBC Welfare Board, SC/ST Welfare Board, Minority Welfare Board, and Labour Department. BC/MBC students can apply in the first year & continue to get till the final year as per eligibility norms. SC/ST students are offered scholarship by the Government Through Minority Welfare Board, minority community students get scholarship. Through Labour Welfare Board, wards of Beedi workers, Cine field are eligible to get scholarship.

In addition to this, through Human Resource Development, Central Sector Scheme recognizes students who get above 955 out of 1200 in the 12th std Tamil Nadu State Board Exam.Each student is given Rs.10,000/- annually till they finish the course.

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  • Basket ball
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Fitness Centre for girls
  • Chess
  • Carrom
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  • Cricket
  • Foot Ball
  • Track & Field
  • Volley Ball
  • Basketball
  • Ball Badminton


AIHT pursues excellence in sports. The sports infrastructure comprises of a separate gym for men and women. Indoor sports facilities like Table Tennis, Chess etc and outdoor sports facilities like Volleyball, Basketball, Kabadi and Cricket etc., These facilities have been established at a cost of Rs.10 lakhs.AIHT has an impressive record of performance in State and National level sports events and has won many prizes. Our students have been participating in the zonal and inter-zonal tournaments organized by Anna University and other Universities.

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General Facilities


Besides providing a pleasant environment, AIHT also satisfies the necessary needs of the students. It has Photocopy Shop which is located at the entrance of the college campus. It is kept open from the morning till the evening and the cost of photocopying is less in our college than In other colleges.


Stationary shop is also located near the photocopy shop in which all the essential things, related to theory and practical classes, are available here also. A variety of cool drinks and snack items are available at particular point of time.


AIHT knows that the physical health is more important for students to concentrate well on their studies. The college takes special care in students' health. Our college has a health centre with all facilities inside the campus and also a well experienced physician who takes care of this health center. Moreover our college is located near Chettinad Hospital. AIHT medical service vehicle is always ready in the position around the clock.

Dr. Viji Vasudev attends almost all the students. She attends to the ailment of the students and administers treatment to them. After treatment if they need rest, facilities are offered separately for boys and girls.

In case of any serious ailment, the students are taken to the nearest hospital by College vehicle for treatment.

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AIHT is provided with Indian Bank which is located at the entrance that saves time and energy of students. Automated teller machine which is part of the Indian Bank is located near the bank. HDFC bank, State Bank of India ATMs are also available just near the entrance of the college.

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Courier service

Courier service is also provided by AIHT to the students to save their precious time. They can send applications for higher education, mail their DDs and other allied postal services.



It is speckless and maintained very well. It provides good quality fresh Snacks, cool drinks, coffee, tea, and other food items in a hygienic, healthy way which suits the pockets of the student.


Our college is easily accessible from Adyar (the heart of the City) by the State operated transport buses also. In addition, our college owns a fleet of Forty three buses one Mahindra van, one Tata sumo and these buses ply in various routes covering the entire Chennai Metropolitan as well as suburban areas.

Our booming transport facilities ensure that the students and staff can reach college in time with ease. The buses are also provided for field trips, educational tours and industrial visits.

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