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Grievance Redressal Cell


The Anand Institute of Higher Technology has transformed its productive and useful way into finding solutions to students' daily problems and grievances. The Grievance Redressal Cell has been established at the Anand Institute of Higher Technology in accordance with the rules of the University Grants Commission and Head of Institution has been appointed as the chair of the Grievance Redressal Cell. In addition every Head of Department and one Assistant Professor from the MBA department will be acting as members of the Complaints to resolve grievances.

Cell Redressing Cell is only designed to provide solutions to student complaints from here and there. Students are fully free to submit their grievances regarding academic or personal matters at a meeting held in the first week of the month, by placing the suggestions boxes provided on our site or by sending an email to

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Grievance Redressal Committee considers, carefully considers and negotiates with the person concerned to find a peaceful solution without compromising the interests of both parties. If the complaint is found to be unrealistic, students are explained the reasons for not fulfilling it. In all cases strict confidentiality is guaranteed by the Complaints Resolution Cell.

The structure of the Complaint Resolution Cell is as follows
01. Chair Person Dr. P. Suresh Mohan Kumar Principal
02. Member Dr. S. RoselinMary Professor & Head Department of Computer Science Engineering
03. Member Dr. K. Karnavel Professor & Head Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
04. Member Dr. Sankaramalliga Professor & Head Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
05. Member Dr. S. Meena Professor & Head Department of Mathematics
06. Member Dr. P. Pathalamuthu Professor & Head Department of Mechnaical Engineering
07. Member Dr. V.V. Rajasekaran Professor & Head Department of Electronics and Engineering
08. Member Dr. S. Krishnakumari Associate Professor, MBA