Rotaract CLub


Inter district youth exchange, hosted by Mumbai club RID 3141. There are 5 persons from Rotaract club of Anand institute of higher technology, Chennai synergy kin, MOP Vaishnav college, Vistas and Chennai towers are participated in this Event. The participants reached Mumbai via train at Dadar station.

First day was hosted by Rotaract club of Atlas RID 3141, where we went to their college and explored it. After lunch, letterhead exchange was done with Rotaract club of Atlas. Later, we were taken to Nehru science national park, where we learnt so many scientific innovations and explored it. Followed by, marine drive beach. Then another club hosted us and taken to Bandra market, where cheap and best products are available, we purchased a lot of things in the market.

We went to Taj hotel and India gate. Then, we passed over so many celebrities houses. Followed by church visiting near Bandra beach. We got a chance to taste so many Mumbai foods and chats. Then, we went on a street walk along with the participants and interacted with Mumbai people and learnt their culture. At night, we got to interact with so many clubs came from all over the India and developed fellowship among them.

The next day with chill climate, Rotaract club of Mulund hill view hosted us. We been taken to another side of Mumbai via local train, in between letterhead exchange was happened with the host club. A strong friendship and fellowship is developed with the host club -Rotaract club of Mulund hill view. We got blessings from Ganesh by visiting giant Ganesh statues from place to place and we interacted with them. The secretary of host club taken us to their apartment and provided so many varieties of Maharashtrian food to us.

Later, the district of Mumbai 3141 along with 3142 arranged a grand event in a hotel. There we been recognised by reserving a special recognition award. They taught their culture by wearing Thalapaas and made us to wear Thalapas. Followed by DJ night, where everyone from Rotaract clubs over the India enjoyed with pan India songs.

The same night we Rotaract club of Anand institute of higher technology have done 48 letterhead exchange with the participants clubs such as Rotaract Bangalore Basaveshwaranagar, Rotaract club of puttur, Rotaract club of ghanshyam dad saraf college, Rotaract club of Thakur college of engineering and technology, Rotaract club of Atlas skilltech University, Rotaract club of Mumbai mulund south, Rotaract club of salt city, Rotaract club of Balasaheb Apte college of law, Rotaract club of sahyadri pashan, Rotaract club of NRI complex, Rotaract club of Thane central, Rotaract club of Thane East, Rotaract club of Navi Mumbai industrial area, Rotaract club of Navi Mumbai Hillside, Rotaract club of jamnagar, Rotaract club of bhavnagar youth, Rotaract club of Hyderabad himayathnagar, Rotaract club of Thane amaara, Rotaract club of bharuch, Rotaract club of Krishna valley, Rotaract club of KGRCET, Rotaract club of hinduja college, Rotaract club rising stars, Rotaract club of Dhule cross road, Rotaract club of Dypsbb satellite city, Rotaract club of Mysore East, Rotaract club of Thane greenspans, Rotaract club of indus University, Rotaract club of bharati vidyapeeth sunrise, Rotaract club of NM college, Rotaract club of social warriors, Rotaract club of dombivli crown City, Rotaract club of mulund hill view, Rotaract club of SIES college, Rotaract club of Cuttack central, Rotaract club of USME, Rotaract club of DSPSR, Rotaract club of venugram, Rotaract club of Ahmedabad narol, Rotaract club of Bombay, Rotaract club of Bombay airport, Rotaract club of Bombay pier and Rotaract club of Bombay mid-town.

Later, we been provided with unlimited food, of their culture, mostly of chats and snacks. Everything was really good and healthy, got to explore new things at Mumbai. Later, we reached the hotel via bus and danced in between the travel with the participants clubs. Near hotel, we explored the streets of Mumbai and interacted with common people to develop friendship and fellowship, learnt their culture and tradition. The same night, we been interacted with so many clubs who stayed in the same hotel and enjoyed the get to together.

In the next day, after breakfast, we packed the things and send off the other district clubs of Mumbai and interacted with them. Letterhead exchange was happened with the participants clubs. Another club came and hosted us. We were taken to the beach via train and share auto. We got to see the Bandra bridge and enjoyed our presence of being a people one among them. And, experienced the taste of Mumbai chats, opposite to that, we saw a beach where Ganesh statue will be dissolved and the place were highly restricted due to peak time of Ganesh Chaturthi. The food Street near the place were huge and variety of chats and snacks were available, we again got a chance to explore the taste of Mumbai.

There we met Tamil people and interacted with them. Explored so many things like Tall buildings, Giant Ganesh statues, variety of chats and snacks, Hindi language, culture and their traditions. After, roamed the streets, we vacated the hotel and some of the participants left to their places via flight. The remaining three boys from Rotaract club of Anand institute of higher technology, vistas and Chennai synergy kin again explored the Bandra beach and the local market. At last, again the Atlas club send-off us to the Dadar station. Then we reached Egmore, Chennai and to our respective places.