Rotaract CLub


Date:30th August 2022

Venue: Main Auditorium, AIHT

Rotaract club of Anand institute of higher technology sponsored by Rotary club of Chennai silk city RID_3232 conducted the orientation program called "Maaran" to the students of Anand institute of higher technology on 30th August 2022 from 1:30 pm to 3:30pm at AIHT main auditorium. The event started with a welcome note by the emcee Rtr. Harsha Priya and Rtr. Nokitha formally welcomed and addressed the gatherings. Followed by the Invocation song. Rtr. Muthu Sriram collared the President of Rotaract club of Anand institute of higher technology 2022-2023 Rtr. Hari prasad and the President called the event Maaran to order. The project chairperson for the orientation program Rtr. Muthu Sriram formally addressed the gatherings. Later, the speaker of the Event Rtn. PDRR. Solomon victor took over the session.

He started his speech by having a small activity to cheer up the students. Then, he explained the history of Rotary club about when it's started, who started it and the purpose for staring it. Followed, by covering, the Roles and responsibilities of all the four Avenues such as Club Service, Professional Service, Community Service and International Service. He gave the clear count of number of Rotaract clubs all around the world, in India and in Chennai. He feels proud to say that Chennai is the only place where the number of Rotaract clubs is more, nearly 10% all around the world. He asked us to involve in club activities to improve our soft skills and to explore so many things. Later, he shared about the projects that inspired him and the importance of being a Rotaractor.

He started from the project done by the students of New College, Royapettah that they took the physical challenged children to 3D show and expressed his happiness over the project. Followed by the project done by the students of Anna Adarsh, Anna Nagar where they collected a hand full of rice from each and every student of their college and donated nearly 300kg of rice to the orphanage. Next project is the hair donation project to the cancer patients and the revolution that had been created by the project, where people from all over the state donated their hairs to the cancer patients via green trends because of a girl who initiated this program by donating all her hair to the patient. This had been achieved only through Rotaract and their involvement in it.

Further, he stated that Rotaract have saved number of lives in COVID 2nd wave by providing sufficient oxygen to the needy people on time. And, explained about so many projects that created an impact in the society. He proudly says that the world is now free of polio, Rotaract played an important role in this. So, many records have been done by Rotaractors, mainly the formation of the largest human flag stating that India is polio free. He ended his session by explaining the importance of Rotaract club and the events conducted by them every year such as assembly, ryla, youth exchange, etc. to improve leadership quality, professional development, personal development, fellowship and friendship. The secretary Rtr. Shanthini of Rotaract club of Anand institute of higher technology felicitated the speaker Rtn. PDRR. Solomon victor. Followed, by the President Rtr. Hari prasad thanked the students for their support and shared the experience of being a Rotaractor. Then, he asked us to join Rotaract club and gave the information about the assembly. The secretary Rtr. Shanthini, who gave the vote of thanks followed by National anthem. At last, the President Rtr. Hari prasad adjourned the event.