Rotaract CLub


(Professional, Community And Club Service Project)

Date: 22th August 2022

Members Attended:

4th Year:
  • Sneha.O (Project Chairwoman)
  • Sai Prathyush.S
  • Yuvaraj.N
  • Sesindra Varma.K
  • Shanthini.M
  • Alwin Mariya Joshva.L.S
3th Year:
  • Koushik Kumar.R
  • Ruthicka.AK
  • Pradeep.K
  • Akila.V
  • Abilesh Mathew
  • Harsha Priya.N
2th Year:
  • PriyaDharshini.S
  • Sebastian Rajan.A
  • Nokitha.V.M
  • VivekAnandhan.A
  • Varsha.G
  • Sumithra.M

Rotaract club of Anand Institute of Higher Technology sponsored by Rotary Club of Chennai Silk City RID_3232 have successfully completed the project called "YATHRA" on 22.08.2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The main motto of this community service project initiated by Rtr.Sneha (Associate professional service director) is to educate government school students with the basic knowledge of how to operate a computer. The school classroom was filled with colours unlike the outside of the building. Colourful artwork hanging all around the room and Chartwork neatly stuck to the walls. The benches neatly arranged and children sat spaced nicely. The notebooks neatly stacked near the corner of the teacher's desk. The project started with the assembling of school children in small groups for more effective and efficient learning. All one could see was the happy and curious faces popping out for more information. The teachers of the Government school introduced all the Rotaractors and their moto that day to the students. The students we from classes I - V, all seated together. Each group was allocated a separate laptop and 2 mentors to teach and 4 students. The teamwork started with the teaching of how to switch on the computers, and continued by the technical part of how to use applications in the Lap top and competitive learning. Interactive sessions were held where children asked questions more freely to clear their doubts to the team. A live experience was experienced by the children as they had a chance to do things on their own in the laptop. Within the allocated time the team was able to deliver most of the basics of computers to the children with utmost enthusiasm. The session ended with giving away writing kit as a gift to the children. Teachers were supporting throughout the session with the handling of the students with utmost care. It was a bittersweet position for both of us. The children thanked us for the support and love to come and visit them to enlighten them with knowledge. The project ended with a group photo with the students, Rotaractors and teachers.

The community service was followed by club service project.

One cannot define the amount of happiness when they stand in the sea breeze. Rotaract club enjoyed some quality time in bonding with the members with full filled moments at the East coast Beach. Sharing our lunch with everyone at a beautiful scenery was one of the pleasant memories. The heart of Rotaract is our members, dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. A last the project ended with the team's group photo at the beach.